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 About Us

We desire to give you the best in service, products and skill. Our core foundation is a healthy glow from the inside out. Our objective is to give clients a healthy foundation for your inner beauty to shine and your outer beauty to dazzle. We’re a classic, trendy and stylish establishment committed to give the most gorgeous results. Using quality products to ensure the foundation we create lasts and protects as we give you infinite possibilities of beauty.

We love radiant color and amazing texture at Posh Hues. We utilize cutting edge tools and products to deliver beautiful results. Our makeup techniques focus on balance and symmetry to help us create your total look. We use color to blend and highlight with your inner tones. Our services are 

customized to meet your needs. Our products create lasting beauty.

 We look forward to creating radiant and amazing Beauty to bring out your inner hues here at


We Are A Barbicide Certified!!

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